What to Expect

What can I expect when visiting Trinity?

At Trinity you will find a multi-generational gathering of God’s people experiencing His Word. There is no dress code or expectation other than an opportunity to hear and grow through the Word of God. You’ll find friendly people that you can build relationships with, who will lift you up in prayer and encourage you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities here to serve the community, learn God’s word, and find relationships amongst each other.

What about my children?

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me.”  We take those world seriously at Trinity and strive to provide safe and meaningful opportunities for them to learn and grow. During our 9am worship time Trinity provides a “Children’s Worship” during the service. Parents have the option to let their children go to Esther Hall for a worship opportunity geared toward their age and understating level, and are then led back for the final portion on our worship service.